Over the past several years, the Foundation has produced and sponsored national and international symposia at clinical conferences and law schools in order to address the ethical issues that arise for both clinicians and lawyers as they confront and condemn the practice of torture as a policy of the state. 

Most recently, Roller interviewed Daniel Ellsberg, the man who revealed the Pentagon Papers and author of The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner

For more information on this interview, click here.

Below are the symposia on the topic of United States law and torture:

Torture, Security and Law: Lessons for the Future
Symposium at NYU School of Law, 2016

Torture, Security, and Law Symposium
UC Berkeley School of Law, 2015

Psychology, Law, and Torture: A Group Dialogue and its Deeper Meaning for Us All
Symposium at Cartagena, Colombia, 2012

U.S. Law and Torture Symposium
Stanford Law School, 2011

U.S. Law and Torture Symposium
UC Berkeley School of Law, 2010

CPA Torture Panel
San Francisco, 2006